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Westphal & Co. Completes Largest School Solar Array In Wisconsin

Monona Grove High School is celebrating the upcoming commissioning of the largest K-12 school solar PV array in Wisconsin. After several years of planning and budgeting, the school district worked
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Installing a Tesla Wall Connector in Your Home

If you have a Tesla, one of your choices for keeping it charged is Tesla’s own Wall Connector. The third-generation Tesla Wall Connector delivers a complete overhaul of the unit’s previous
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Popular Home Electrical Projects For Spring

When someone says “spring cleaning,” our minds usually go right to dusting, vacuuming, and packing away the cold weather clothes. While all of those things are important, you should also
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5 Most Important Electrical Services for Homeowners

Westphal & Co. can help keep your electrical system in tip-top condition. We’ve made this guide listing the key services we perform for homeowners in need of a licensed electrician.
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9 Tips for Whole Home Surge Protectors

Summer thunderstorms will be here before long and with them comes a lot of lightning. In fact, despite not being in Tornado Alley, Wisconsin is still a Top 20 state
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How to Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs in Commercial Office Buildings

As we get back to the office, it gives us a chance to evaluate electrical usage in leased spaces and suites. Reviewing monthly usage can be a first step in
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Common Electrical Problems in Old Houses

Electricity is a necessity in homes, and unfortunately, most old houses tend to have electrical problems. If you have an old house that you intend to refurbish or remodel, you
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8 Most Common Reasons to Hire an Electrician for Exterior Updates

There are so many different projects we work on for homeowners on a daily basis, but our most common visits for exterior updates are often overlooked. Here are the biggest
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EV Car in Winter

How to Extend Your Electric Vehicle’s Range in Winter

Electric vehicles are great cars that function all year round. However, if you live in the parts of the country that experience cold winters, you will notice your driving range
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We know you are busy, so non-emergency service calls can be scheduled by date and time for your convenience. For customer comfort to our residential customers, Westphal and Company is fully insured and bonded. You don’t have to be inconvenienced and stay home while we work.

Our state licensed and trained electricians specialize in service and repair work, and will be on time at your door, on your schedule, for all scheduled appointments.