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EV Charging Station


EV Charging Station

Buying an electric vehicle is great for you and the environment – but finding a place to charge it might be an inconvenience. To make charging your vehicle easier, call us to install an EV charging station at your home.Installing an electric vehicle charging station in your home can let you charge your vehicle whenever you’d like instead of having to locate a charging station.

Benefits of Installing an EV Charging Station in Your Home

When you buy an electric vehicle you may be more focused on the environmental and financial benefits instead of thinking of practical issues - like where to charge it. To make charging your EV easier, consider installing an electric vehicle charging station at your home. Some of the advantages can include:

  • A fast and safe charging station.
  • A charging station that’s available to you any time of day.
  • A cheap solution to power your vehicle, as it can cost just pennies a day to charge your EV at home.
  • Equipment Needed to Charge Electric Vehicles at Home

Save Money by Charging EVs at Home

According to, drivers of electric vehicles do more than 80 percent of their charging at home. This is mainly due to the convenience of having a dedicated charging station at your house, and the cost-effectiveness. Charging at home allows drivers to take advantage of low residential electricity rates, whereas charging away from home can result in fees and wait times.

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