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Energy Efficiency Summer Improvements

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency This Summer

The cost of energy is steadily increasing but homeowners can lower their energy bills by making a few simple adjustments. Some of the up-front investments may seem sizeable but they can result in significant savings over time.  Some are related to daily habits and are very easy to implement. Let’s start with the low-investment options:

Adjust Your Thermostat to Effectively Cool Your Home

As summer heats up, a significant portion of your household expenses is spent on cooling your home. Adopt the habit of adjusting the temperature on your thermostat when leaving your home. Increasing the temperature by just a few degrees in the summer will reduce your monthly utility bill.  If you have trouble remembering this, a smart thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature inside your home depending on your daily schedule.  This is a low-cost and easy installation option.

Exterior and Interior Lighting

Setting your exterior lighting on a regular schedule and in response to darkness and daylight can help you with your energy bills. Smart home solutions operated by Alexa can also improve your interior lighting energy consumption.  We hope you have switched all your lightbulbs to LED, which is a necessary step if you are concerned about your energy bills.

Seal Your Windows, use Shades or Replace old, Inefficient Windows

Go the extra mile by sealing the air leaks around the windows. If your windows are drafty, consider adding weatherstripping around the frames.  Old windows can allow heat into your home as much as they bring cold in the winter months.  Solar heat gain can also be reduced by using shades.  Smart shades operating on a schedule are an affordable solution.  They will help control the amount of sun entering your home and also help with any floor or furniture fading.

Unplug Unused Appliances

Unplugging or turning off unused chargers or power strips at the end of the day will lead to improving energy savings. If you have a refrigerator in your garage that sits empty 90% of the time, consider unplugging the appliance.  These small steps can help with your overall energy usage.

Update your Appliances

The technology is constantly changing and your 15-years old appliances are not as efficient as they are today. From water heaters to TVs and refrigerators, newer appliances can help you decrease your energy bills.

Discuss the saving possibilities with one of our expert electricians and learn more about the innovative technology that is now available to homeowners.  Learn more about how Westphal can help you save!

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