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Westphal & Co, Inc. has been in the design/assist business since our inception in 1931.

On a Design/Assist project, we aid in the development of construction documents and provide design assistance to the project’s architect, engineer, or construction manager.

As project delivery methods continue to evolve, it’s important to step back and understand which one makes the most sense for your project. Each approach has benefits depending on the complexity of the project and objectives of the building program to be undertaken.

Additionally, design-assist is a collaborative, team-oriented method that capitalizes on the benefits of early engagement of all parties — including the design team, contractor and key subcontractors. The objective of this collaboration is to understand the design and constructability aspects prior to actual construction. 

Westphal’s involvement from project inception means we are able to provide more accurate estimates and understand the potential impact of escalation issues on the project schedule and budget. We can also aid in tracking costs and ensuring that the quality and functionality of the building are not adversely impacted.

We use advanced conceptual estimating techniques to budget projects accurately, including:

  • Historical Job Costs
  • Past Estimates for Similar Projects
  • Combination of Design-Takeoff and Conceptual Estimating



We are comfortable with fast-track design build and those projects that are challenging from a technical and schedule standpoint. We have extensive experience working in various complex environments, including: 

  • Government Office Buildings
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Medium Voltage Installations
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Tenant Finish Projects
  • Mixed Use Projects
  • TeleData Installations
  • Custom Residential


In our extensive portfolio you will be able to find mid- and large-size projects that we have had the privilege to work on.


We are a full service contractor – we can provide any and all electrical and technology construction services our clients require, from large industrial and institutional facilities to a residential service call.