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Electrical Construction

Electrical Distribution System Components that Play a Crucial Role

As an expert in electrical design/build we’ve had an opportunity to create many systems for industrial and commercial applications that require crucial performance components. From correct phase balancing systems to switchgears and power monitoring, our team can design and fabricate the most reliable electrical infrastructure. Here are a few important elements of any distribution system that play a strategic role in the overall performance of the entire facility.


Switchgear serves as the backbone of power distribution systems. This precisely engineered component is designed to control, protect, and isolate electrical equipment. Its application in electrical construction ensures the safe and efficient transmission of electricity across various infrastructures, ranging from industrial facilities to commercial complexes and residential buildings.

Switchgear is designed to manage power flow, facilitating the distribution of electricity from primary sources to end-users. The unit incorporates circuit breakers, fuses, relays and safeguards electrical networks against overloads, short circuits, and other faults. This protective function improves operational safety and at the same time minimizes downtime and mitigates the risk of equipment damage or failure.

Switchgear enables seamless control and monitoring, allowing to regulate voltage levels, switch between power sources, and isolate faulty components. Its modular design and customizable configurations cater to the specific requirements of diverse construction projects. Switchgears are used to deenergize equipment and clear any issues.

Advanced technologies such as smart meters, digital sensors, and remote monitoring capabilities enhance the efficiency and reliability of switchgear systems. These elements enable real-time data acquisition, predictive maintenance, and remote troubleshooting, helping to maximize uptime.

In case of an electrical surge, an effective switchgear will trigger and interrupt the flow of power, protecting the overall electrical systems from damage.

Power Monitoring

A high-level power-monitoring system will help track not only power consumption but also power quality. It may seem like a necessary element for manufacturing plants and the transportation sector but these devices should be considered for all facilities where energy visualization and power consumption can be managed to conserve energy.

Power monitoring will help you analyze the performance of the equipment, discover any electrical problems early, and asses the overall power consumption. New systems offer remote control and allow our clients to take action from anywhere.

Finding energy patterns can deliver precise information on equipment wear and give you insight and early detection of equipment abnormalities and upcoming failures. Each power-consuming device can be added to the overall system from operating machinery to HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, and any other equipment that uses electricity. Long-term, the collected data and performance patterns will deliver enough information to help you make system adjustments that can result in significant energy savings.

There are two types of power monitoring systems. They can be implemented as a stand-alone device or a software application installed on the local network. Each device will be equipped with a sensor attached to each piece of equipment for accurate and reliable data collection.

If your business is considering an overhaul of an outdated electrical system, our team is ready to develop a system that will deliver outstanding reliability and reduced energy consumption. We serve clients nationally with several Midwest locations: MadisonJanesvilleDubuque and Milwaukee.


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