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Our services include:

  • All types of electrical repairs, replacements, and maintenance
  • Emergency Service Calls and more
  • Outlet and switch repair/replacement
  • Rewiring Services
  • Storm damage repair and re-energize
  • Service Panel Upgrades and Code Updates
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging
  • LED Lighting
  • Remodeling and Additions
  • Surge Protection
  • Generator Installation
  • Hot Tub Wiring

We can be reached at (608) 222-0105 during normal business hours 7:00 AM- 4:00 PM Monday-Friday. We are also available for after-hours emergency calls at the same number.

Additionally, schedule your Westphal & Company service call anytime on our website:

We have experience installing car chargers for all the major car manufacturers. A new car charger can be mounted in several areas (including outside or a garage) but will need to be wired into your home electrical service panel. A licensed electrician can investigate the capacity of your existing service panel, install a new dedicated charger circuit breaker, run necessary wiring, and neatly install an outlet and charging station in your desired location.

Yes – you can pay your Westphal & Company invoice online by visiting

We are happy to give you a firm price prior to starting any type of project. All of our estimates are free, and we can provide full electrical design services if needed. We charge by quote, or for the labor and material it takes to complete your project.


Westphal & Company is a 4th generation family-owned business founded in 1931 in Janesville, WI. We continue to serve the Janesville area and also have locations in Madison, Milwaukee and Dubuque, Iowa.

Yes, you can certainly perform your own electrical repair work. In addition, you can pull an electrical permit to do your own work if you are the owner of the home in which you are living. However, electricity is an unpredictable energy source and can be deadly if not taken seriously. According to the NFPA, more than 66% of home fires can be attributed to the failure or malfunction of electrical wiring and devices. [1] Westphal & Company electricians are licensed, fully insured, and experienced to safely handle your electrical needs, whether in an emergency or a planned project.

[1] R. Campbell, “NFPA’s Electrical Fires,” 02 2022. [Online]. Available: [Accessed 12 April 2023].

A licensed, insured, and local electrician will offer you detailed service recommendations based on experience, local electrical code, and your specific project needs. Westphal & Company was founded in Janesville and has been serving communities throughout Southern Wisconsin since 1931. We can provide full electrical services to fulfill your needs, we are completely insured, and all our Electricians are licensed by the state of Wisconsin. Our Electricians have deep experience working on complicated electrical issues for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial customers.

This could indicate that the switch in use is inadequate for the device it is controlling or is improperly installed and wired in the wall. A licensed Westphal electrician should review the switch being used, provide a recommendation for the correct device, and remove and swap out the old switch with a new device with proper wire connections.

While the problem could be as simple as a defective light bulb, it could also be a more complicated issues like improper electrical connections, failing components at either the light switch or the light fixture, wrong LED lamps installed, or even overloaded circuits at your service panel. A licensed Westphal electrician should investigate and make the necessary corrections per local electrical code.

This problem can be an issue with a fault in the circuit (the breaker is then working as designed) or a mechanical failure of the breaker. A licensed Westphal electrician should investigate the breaker and any potential overloaded circuit(s).


Outlets (also known as receptacles) should be rated/weatherized for outdoor use and GFCI protected, but should also provide enough power for your desired use. Electric vehicle chargers, camper hookups, and some power tool outlets need to be properly sized. Improperly weatherized outlets can fail due to exposure to harsh and unpredictable Wisconsin weather conditions. A licensed Westphal electrician can assist with installing or repairing outdoor outlets.

A surge protector device can be installed near your service panel to protect the circuits in your home from an unpredictable surge of electricity generated by the power utility or a lightning strike. A licensed Westphal electrician can provide recommendations for the best type of surge protection device for your home, purchase the appropriate device and complete installation.

Losing power to your home is extremely inconvenient and can indicate an issue with the service provided by the utility, but also a more serious issue like a main breaker failing in the service panel. A licensed Westphal electrician can investigate issues within your service panel and provide the resources to get your power restored. Westphal & Company is available for emergency after-hours service calls. Always be sure to check with your local utility to see if there are power outages in your area.

The power requirements for your home depend on several factors. Many older homes can have 60-amp services that are sufficient. 100-amp service is standard in modern homes and 200-amp service can be necessary if you have extras like hot tubs, saunas, central air conditioning, or woodworking tools and equipment. A licensed Westphal electrician can assist you in determining the existing capacity, future power needs for your home and complete a service panel upgrade to fit within your busy schedule.

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