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Prefabrication Experts

Prefabrication is the process in which we fabricate or assemble electrical construction components – offsite in a controlled environment – prior to their arrival at the job site for final installation.

Prefab requires extensive pre-planning to determine the optimum alternatives for fabrication in the shop. The process promotes a high level of quality and standardization in the products we install. Westphal & Co. has made an extensive investment in the floor space, tooling, and equipment in order to provide this service to our projects. 

Through careful prefabrication, you can rest assured knowing you are receiving the highest level of service. Prefabrication guarantees:

  • Highest Quality Electrical Components
  • Uniform Equipment Functionality
  • Faster Build Time

Maximized potential

With Prefab, everyone saves

We have a staff of experienced Electricians, Low Voltage Technicians, Welders, and Mechanics, supported by an engineering staff, that is dedicated to our prefab activities. We have found that we can move significant manpower from the job site to the Prefab Shop. This “pull ahead work” allows us to gain valuable time in the construction schedule, reduces the number of workers on the job site, and increases safety for all associated with the project.

Advantages of prefabrication include:

  • Increased productivity by prefabricating the work in a controlled environment, with easy access to tooling and materials, thereby reducing labor costs.
  • Increased productivity at the job site, as more units can now be installed per job site an hour.
  • Construction schedule acceleration by performing the prefabrication work parallel with the work being done on the job site.
  • Increased safety by reducing the number of construction workers on the job site, and by having our prefab craftspersons work in a controlled environment at grade level. They are not working on higher elevations nor around any heavy construction equipment.
  • Prefabrication necessarily requires extensive pre-planning. The more time spent planning the project on the front end, the more time taken off of the back end of the project.


In our extensive portfolio you will be able to find mid- and large-size projects that we have had the privilege to work on.


We are a full service contractor – we can provide any and all electrical and technology construction services our clients require, from large industrial and institutional facilities to a residential service call.