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EV charging options by make

EV Charging Recommendations by Make

With the growing number of electric vehicles on the market, understanding the available charging options is an important factor in the buying process.

From trickle charge to the fastest DC charge, EVs can charge in as little as 30 minutes. Knowing all the options and requirements can help you make a better decision when purchasing an electric vehicle.  Manufacturers have been providing extensive documentation and support on the EV chargers. We’ve gathered this information with direct links to the websites of the leading electric car manufacturers. 

Ford Lighting


Ford features when charging your electric vehicle include:

  • At-home charging.
  • Public charging with  access to the BlueOval™ Charge Network.
  •  Connect your Ford all-electric vehicle with the FordPass®App.
Chevrolet EV charging options


Chevrolet network offers many options when charging your electric vehicle include:

  • At-home charging.
  • State-of-the-art Ultium Platform offers serious range and performance for your destinations and beyond.
  • Connected to more than 134,000 public chargers. 
  •  Access locations via myChevrolet Mobile App. 
Tesla EV Charging


Supercharger access gives you the freedom to travel

  • At-home charging.
  • 50,000+ global superchargers.
  • 40,000+ Wall Connectors at Destination Charging Sites.
  • Tesla Wall Connectors instantly upgrade any property by providing convenient charging to homeowners, tenants and visitors. 
Hyundai IONIQ 5 charging


At home or on the go

  • At-home charging.
  • The faster way to charge at home with Level 2 charging requires specialized equipment that plugs into a 240V AC outlet, like Hyundai Home’s ChargePoint® Home Flex EV charger. Fully charging your vehicle can take as little as 7 hours depending on the model and various conditions.
  • IONIQ 5, IONIQ 6 and KONA Electric qualify for limited complimentary charging with Electrify America.⁠ 
BMW Electric charging options


Explore options for BMW EV charging: 

  • At-home and public chargers.
  • The available BMW Wallbox is a Level 2 (240V) home charger that lets you charge your all-electric BMW at a 9.6 kW speed from 0-100% in as little as 12 hours. 
  • Electrify America’s coast-to-coast network with over 3,000+ fast chargers and 800 charging stations open or under development. 
Nissan EV charging options


Explore options for Nissan EV charging: 

  • At-home with Wallbox or other charger
  • Charging station Information is accessible via the NISSANCONNECT® EV app.  
  • The Nissan LEAF utilizes CHAdeMO technology, a fast charging protocol that uses a special electrical connector to deliver direct current up to 62.5 kW by 500-V, 125 A for battery electric vehicles. A revised CHAdeMO 2.0 specification allows for up to 400 kW by 1000-V, 400 A direct current.

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