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How To Choose The Best Commercial Electrical Contractor

Finding the best commercial electrical contractor for your company’s needs hinges on asking the right questions and doing the right research. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. The following 6 essential questions will help you get the information you need to hire the right one for your needs.

Understand What You Need First

It’s important to clearly define your business’ needs before delving into which is the right commercial electrical contractor to fill them. Do you need some minor renovation or major remodeling? Do you need help with just the lighting or all of the electrical systems? Also, what is your timeframe for needing everything completed? Scheduling is important for both your business and the electrical contractor, so try to allow plenty of time to complete the desired work.

The Right Commercial Electrical Contractor is Licensed and Insured

Never hire an commercial electrical contractor that isn’t fully licensed and insured for the work they are doing. This is essential because it demonstrates that the electricians working on your project have gone to the effort of receiving and maintaining their electrical certifications, are up-to-speed on the latest electrical codes and are competent to perform the work you need them to do. The insurance is also critical in case accidents occur. These are absolute baseline requirements that your electrical contractor must meet for safety and quality reasons.

How Long has Your Electrical Contractor Been in the Business

This is another indicator of whether or not you’re getting the best commercial electrical contractor available. The longer an electrical contractor has been in business the better, for two very important reasons:

They will have amassed a great deal of experience working in a wide range of environments and… Any company that has been in the business for a long time has kept their customers happy and done a considerable amount of repeat business, or they would have gone out of business long ago. Westphal & Co. has been serving customers across Wisconsin and Iowa for more than nine decades, and we have generations of happy customers because we’ve put safety, high-quality work and our customers’ needs first on every job.

Always Get References

The best commercial electrical contractors will not hesitate to provide references for you to check so you can ask other clients about the quality of their work and their customer service. Steer clear of any contractor that doesn’t want to provide references. When you receive references, make sure to call and ask questions about the contractor’s quality of work, professionalism, attention to detail and any other specifics that are similar to the job that you need to have done.

How Detailed is the Quote?

When you receive the quotes, make sure to look carefully at how detailed they are and how well they explain what each expense is. The right commercial electrical contractor will provide a highly-detailed, very specific quote that outlines exactly what each expense is after having examined your needs in person. Ask all the questions you need to!

Check Online Resources

During this process, make sure to double check all the online references you can: the company’s website testimonials, industry affiliations, and online review sources like Better Business Bureau and Google Reviews. Find out if the contractor has won any industry awards or special mentions for impressive design or new construction projects.

For all your electrical needs, you can count on Westphal & Co. Contact us to receive a free quote for your renovation project and any other electrical system needs you may have.

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