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Project Profiles:

Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Facility Tech Upgrade

State of Wisconsin, Mauston, WI — $1.02 million

We are the General Prime Contractor on this project, installing power outlets where necessary as well as raceways for new data openings.  Subcontract work includes a mechanical contractor for added cooling, a roofing contractor, and a building contractor for new data closets to be created.

Our scope of work is to provide the facility with a new structured cabling delivery that supports a recently installed Voice Over IP (VOIP) system as well as a new Wireless Access Point (WAP) WiFi upgrade. The VOIP Structured Cabling is Category 6 throughout the 11 building campus. The WAP portion of the project is Category 6A and parallels the 11 building Structured Cabling initiative.  The project includes installation of over 1200 Category 6 Cables and over 250 Category 6A Cables; rebuilding Communications Closets, installation of new cable pathways, bonding and grounding, cutovers from old system to new infrastructure, labeling and testing.

Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Facility Tech Upgrade