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Dedicated Appliance or Hot Tub Wiring


Appliance/Hot Tub wiring

If you are adding a hot tub or new appliance, it’s important to have dedicated circuits installed. Call us when you need circuits for your appliances, water heater, dryer, and more in your home.


We know you are busy, so non-emergency service calls can be scheduled by date and time for your convenience. For customer comfort to our residential customers, Westphal and Company is fully insured and bonded. You don't have to be inconvenienced and stay home while we work.


Why You Need Dedicated Circuits

Do the lights dim in your house when you run the dryer, or when the air conditioner kicks on? This can indicate you need dedicated circuits installed for specific appliances and devices in your house. Without these units, you could be at risk of tripping breakers and blowing fuses when you run your appliances. It can even cause your wiring system to overheat, which can lead to an electrical fire. To avoid these issues, have a professional inspect your electrical system to determine which appliances need a dedicated circuit. Some units you might want to consider include:


From residential electrical services to emergencies or even maintenance and service.


We are a full service contractor – we can provide any and all electrical and technology construction services our clients require, from large industrial and institutional facilities to a residential service call.