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Hormel SPAM Line Relocation

Hormel Foods, Dubuque, IA



Dubuque, IA


348,000 SF


SSOE Systems, Inc.




Controls for complex food processing equipment

Photo Credit: Telegraph Herald

Hormel Foods Corporation relocated its SPAM production facility from Omaha to Dubuque’s 348,000 square-foot Progressive Processing plant. The project included two phases of work – the dismantling of the production line in Omaha and the rebuilding of the line in Dubuque. During Phase I, we traveled to the Omaha plant to thoroughly audit, tag, and test equipment, calculate power requirements, and determine an efficient power and installation plan for the rebuild. The relocation was set to be completed in an aggressive 19 day schedule. The project was midway through when the coronavirus pandemic hit, resulting in a significant spike in demand for SPAM, and making it critical for production to get up and running quickly. Phase I electrical work was completed ahead of schedule and exceeded both the general contractor and client’s quality standards.

Phase II of the project included adding a new production line to the existing facility. Our scope included installation of stainless steel raceways, new lighting, power, and controls for complex food processing equipment. The project required thoughtful and inventive planning in order to integrate various production lines and limit downtime. The efficient and quality work is a product of our partnership with Hormel to oversee ongoing maintenance, service and emergency electrical services at their plant.