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The Importance of Electrical Surge Protection for Your Home

The average home today is filled with valuable electronic devices. This will typically include televisions, multiple computers, tablets, mobile phones, sound systems, gaming systems, and more. If any (or all) of these devices were damaged, it would not only cost you a lot of money to replace, but it would also be extremely inconvenient. In most situations, the biggest threat to electronics in your home is going to be a power surge.

Power surges can be caused by many different things including a problem at the electric company, damage to a local power line, or most commonly during a Wisconsin summer, lightening from a bad storm. Most people will purchase a surge protector that can be used on individual outlets in order to keep their television and entertainment center protected, but this leaves all your other electronics exposed. Fortunately, there is a much more convenient (and affordable) option to consider.

Whole Home Surge Protection

Rather than picking and choosing which devices you want to protect, why not have a whole home surge protection device installed right at your home’s electrical panel. This option will have all of the electricity that enters your home pass through it so if any surges in electricity occurs, it will never cause any type of damage.

Benefits of Whole Home Surge Protection

There are many benefits to going with a whole home surge protector rather than options that only work on one outlet. Take a look at just a few of the most common advantages that you will enjoy once you have this device installed in your home:

  • Total Protection – You will not have to worry about what you are plugging into which outlet again since they are all protected from electrical surges.
  • Much More Affordable – If you purchased a surge protector for every outlet that you use, it would be much more expensive than simply having one device installed for the whole home. This is true even with the cost of professional installation included!
  • Keeping Your Home Safer – In addition to keeping your electronics safe, a whole home surge protector can also help to prevent fires and electric shocks from occurring.
  • Potential Savings on Insurance – Some insurance companies offer discounts on their policy when you install home protection equipment like this.

Remember, all of these benefits (and many others) have always been essential, but with so many people working from home, it is more important than ever. If you work from home, what would you do if your laptop, tablet, or other critical devices were damaged? With this type of protection throughout your house, the risk of this happening is minimal.

How to Install a Whole Home Surge Protector

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of a whole home surge protector, it is recommended to have a professional take care of the installation. It is necessary to disconnect your main power lines that go into your circuit box and then run them through the surge protector. This means working with very high voltage equipment that requires a trained professional to be done safely. If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a time for someone to come install this type of device in your home, please contact Westphal & Company. We will be there for you every step of the way.

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