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Common Electrical Problems in Old Houses

Electricity is a necessity in homes, and unfortunately, most old houses tend to have electrical problems. If you have an old house that you intend to refurbish or remodel, you may have uncovered issues with the electrical system. Problems, such as flickering lights, broken switches, unfamiliar odors, and hot fixtures are common. Many things could cause electrical problems in old houses.

We highly recommend that you seek the services of a licensed electrician to fix any electrical issues in your house instead of dealing with the problem on your own. Some of the most common sources of electrical issues include:

Faulty circuit breakers

Circuit breakers prevent damages that could arise from short-circuiting or current overloads. The circuit breaker works by interrupting the flow of current immediately it detects a fault in the flow of current. Therefore, if a circuit breaker trips once in a while, it simply means that the circuit breaker is doing its job by preventing fires that could result from overloads and also preventing overheating of the wires.

However, if the circuit breakers in your old house are repeatedly tripping, then it likely an indicator of an underlying electrical problem in the house. Do not panic if this is what has been going on. All you have to do is find a professional licensed electrician in Madison, WI to come to fix the circuit breakers or replace faulty ones.

Damaged knob and tube wiring

Most modern houses do not use knob and tube wiring electrical systems. However, older houses built between 70 and 130 years ago most likely have knob and tube electrical systems. Does your house have wires that run through porcelain cylinders inserted in holes underneath the joists of the wooden floor? If so, then the house has a knob and tube wiring.

A faulty knob and tube wiring have a high risk of shocks and even fires. The wiring tends to be very problematic because it cannot accommodate electrical appliances with three or more prolonged plugs. If you are using electrical appliances with three plugs in the house, you must have noticed shocks, flickering lights, and other electrical issues.

More problems arise with the knob and tube wiring when the insulation breaks down due to age, weather elements, alterations, and other factors. If the knob and tube wiring of your house is faulty or damaged, you can have system upgraded and rewired by a licensed electrician. Replace a knob and tube system can eliminate one of the most significant causes of home fires in the U.S.

Are you in need of an electrician in South Central Wisconsin to come and fix the electrical issues in your home? You are on the right track. Just give us a call today, and we will send one of our best electricians to check out the issue and advise you on the best way forward.

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